September 29, 2017

Tools, Not Rules: Ideas About Creative Collaboration With Travis Nielson

The past month has been a busy one for the In/Visible Talks team. Despite the lively behind-the-scenes activities in preparation for January’s highly anticipated design conference, we were excited to host our second Salon with CreativeLive. The night centered around a keynote talk from a friend of the project, Travis Neilson. The sold out event took place at CreativeLive, a vibrant space in the Design District of San Francisco. After warming up with some time to connect with each other over cold drinks, Travis took the floor to share his experience and ideas about creative collaboration.

Travis takes questions from the audience after his talk

By day Travis Nielson is a designer at Google, who works on the crisis response search team, by night he is a co-host and creator of Late Nights with Trav and Los, where he and his best friend Carlos talk explore new ideas for creative professionals. At the salon, Travis shared that the concept of the show is that it’s just two best friends sitting around the table, having a conversation, in person. It’s an experience that is becoming increasingly rare as the digital realm infiltrates our everyday lives. At the conception of their podcast, Travis wanted to protect the sanctity of their in-person experience by setting a rule: “We can never google anything while we’re on the air.”

Hear Travis talk about how the idea behind the rule evolved into a tool, and how the tool enhanced their creative collaboration on his most recent podcast: the talk itself.

A big thank you to everyone who attended, participated and helped make the event successful!

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