Laurie Rosenwald

Artist & Designer,rosenworld.com
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How to Make Mistakes on Purpose
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Laurie Rosenwald

Artist & Designer,rosenworld.com

Painter, Designer. Mistakes on Purpose Workshop Holder. Author, “all the wrong people have self esteem.” Speaks Swedish like a native New Yorker. Has a lot of integrity, except for the shoplifting. Claims to have won all the usual awards.

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose

We Netflix and Insta! We Google + selfie! FB? Maybe. We NPR, HBO. No SUV. Not PC. We AIGA, ADC. We mad skills Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, AutoCad. When you get good at something, you repeat it. We can promise clients – perfect results guaranteed! Computers don’t make mistakes!

“What’s wrong with that?” Everything. Because shared tastes, technologies and skills equal no surprises. No Velcro, Post-its, penicillin. No Pringles! And if I can’t surprise myself, no wonder I’m boring YOU!

“Creativity” on demand?I hate the blank page. Starting with a burr, a blob, a ‘mistake” lets me ask, “What could this be?” instead of, “Where do I begin?”

So don’t focus on a problem to solve it. Do something easy, opposite, random. Not trying works better than trying. Sabotage digital convention. Bring Chaos to your Order and Reclaim your Human Brain. Make a Lulu of a Booboo! ERRARE HUMANUM EST!

How to Make Mistakes on Purpose: The Workshop

Join Laurie on Friday January 18th at her hands on workshop to experience her “making mistakes” practice live. Tickets are available here.