LaDonna Witmer Willems

Editorial Director,ladonnawillems.com

Along her personal journey to find her own voice, LaDonna Willems has been a newspaper journalist, advertising copywriter, copy director, and poet. She’s currently one of the editorial gurus on the Dropbox Brand Studio team in San Francisco, creating and facilitating the most powerful expressions of the Dropbox voice. In minutes between meetings and her daughter’s ballet class, she’s also writing a book.

Permission to Speak: How to Unleash the Power of Your True Voice

Finding—and using—your true voice can be a really difficult thing to do. Many of us have been trained from a young age to ask for permission to speak. Breaking the silence and finding your voice requires you to be vulnerable and uncomfortable. You’ve got to be brave enough to crack yourself open and see what’s inside. Because your voice is your power, and there is a story inside you that no one else can tell. It’s time to set it free.