Julie Sanduski

Creative Resident,juliesanduski.com
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WORKSHOP | Design For Good: Hackathon
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Julie Sanduski

Creative Resident,juliesanduski.com

Julie is a 2019 Adobe Creative Resident exploring how human-centered design can inspire a sustainable, circular food system. During her one-year residency, she’s conducting research and engaging with industry leaders to design products focused on preventing, redirecting, and repurposing food waste.

Julie first found a passion for human-centered design when she joined IDEO’s Food + Future CoLab in 2016. After graduating from Tufts University with a degree in Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and Design, she relocated to Seattle to work as a PM at Microsoft. After two years there, she submitted a passion project proposal to Adobe and was selected to represent the UX community as one of nine creative residents around the world.


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