JD Beltran

Founder & Director,jdbeltran.com/
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We Created the Consumerism that's Destroying Our Planet—How Do We Put the Design Engine in Reverse?
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JD Beltran

Founder & Director,jdbeltran.com/

JD BELTRAN is an artist, designer, writer, and filmmaker whose work has been exhibited worldwide, including at the SFMOMA, the Walker Art Center, TheGetty Center, the MIT Media Lab, and the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Her film-based artworks won awards as being the top in the US (Public Art Network 2009) and the world (New Technology Art Association 2014), and her work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Wired, Art in America, and ArtNews. She also has authored columns on art & culture for the San Francisco Chronicle and Huffington Post. She serves on the San Francisco Arts Commission (President for eight years) and is also the Founder and Director of the Center for Impact at the California College of the Arts, an agency that cultivates projects and initiatives for social and environmental impact through art & design.

We Created the Consumerism that’s Destroying Our Planet—So Now, How Do We Put the Design Engine in Reverse?

Designers possess superpowers—through innovation, aesthetics, brand, and creativity, they’re able to magically create billions of dollars in value where there was none! The cost of fostering desire over utility, however, now leaves us with consumer societies and waste that threaten to destroy our planet. How do we shift the course to more circular, sustainable design practices and nudge towards responsible consumer behavior with what we create?