December 26, 2017

Scout Books Gets Creative in Business

We are giddy with anticipation about the program Scout Books is printing for In/Visible Talks 2018! Designed by Noise 13, they include information about the amazing lineup of talks and plenty of open space for doodles, scribbles, notes, and ideas. “I hope people feel the programs are beautiful and well-crafted without being too precious,” says Chloë Miller, Scout Books’ Partnerships & Engagement Coordinator. “I want them to hold them in their hands, read about the speakers, and use them—and then use them for inspiration after the conference.” That’s our hope too!

Based in Portland, Oregon, Scout Books has been creating “little books for big ideas” with a team of just 15 people doing everything from operations to sales and marketing. In 2013, they split off from now-parent company Pinball Publishing in order to streamline and produce one thing well—fully customizable and fully recyclable notebooks—a practice known as “lean manufacturing.” This concept comes from Japan, Chloë explains, and “it involves minimizing waste, such as paper and ink, and also time spent in the process, such as avoiding re-work.” The company recently demonstrated their ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly practices by becoming a certified B Corporation.

Although she has a background in graphic and production design, Chloë’s current role places her squarely on the sales and marketing team. So how does she get creative in the midst of day-to-day business? “One of the ways I stay inspired creatively in my work is being able to see the creative ways people use Scout Books,” she says. “Also, I see how dots connect for new partnerships, new clients, and I really feel inspired by that.”

One of those serendipitous connecting-of-the-dots experiences started when she met with a client in San Francisco, who introduced her to In/Visible Talks co-founder Arianna Orland, who shared her concept for the conference, which lead to a partnership. Wins all around!

Make a point to connect with Scout Books’ Chloë Miller at the In/Visible Talks conference on January 11. Reserve your ticket—and your very awesome program—today!