July 06, 2018

In/Visible Talks 2018: Powers of Transparency and the Art of Your Work

Mozilla’s Creative Director Tim Murray talks about powers of transparency and participation.

What changes when you put collaboration first? How does leveraging transparency and participation serve the creative process? Is collaboration for everyone?

These are some of the questions Mozilla’s Creative Director Tim Murray addressed in his talk on “Primal Collaboration” at the 2018 In/Visible Talks conference. As he shared some of his story about the rebranding of Mozilla (the nonprofit behind the Firefox browser), he inspired us to reexamine our values and reimagine how we might interact with our team members and our clients.

Photography by GammaNine Photography

Communications Coach Dia Bondi helps us celebrate the art of HOW we do what we do.

A broad spectrum of designers, artists, and other creatives came together for the first ever In/Visible Talks in January 2018, where we shared different perspectives about the creative process. Speakers and panelists invited us to see the magic in everyday things, explore the intersections of art and design, fumble through challenges and failures to success, and take breaks to do nothing.

In her talk “The Art of Your Work—Knowing What Matters in Doing What You Do,” Communications Coach Dia Bondi encouraged attendees to celebrate not only their finished projects and products, but to also celebrate the unique skills we’ve mastered, the creative processes we employ, and everything we do along the way that makes our craft authentic and unique to us.

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