December 29, 2017

Partner Spotlight: Paper Jam Press

Paper Jam Press founder Arianna Orland says she prints posters on a Vandercook letterpress because it makes her happy. “It’s a meditation,” she says, when asked to elaborate. “You touch ink and paper. You’re away from the computer. You get back to the roots of art and design,” she says. “It feels like flow.”

Paper Jam Press is bringing some of that beautiful flow to us through our custom In/Visible Talks poster, which will be available exclusively at the conference’s pop up shop. Printed by Paper Jam Press on paper provided by Neenah, the poster features a quote from Oblique Strategies, a deck of cards created by Brian Eno and Brian Schmidt in the 1970s. Originally designed to help musicians, the cards are now used by other artists. “If you’re in the middle of the creative process or experiencing a creative block,” says Arianna, “these provoke lateral thinking.”

We hope these amazing posters inspire you to break through!

The limited edition poster will be available for purchase at the pop up shop at the In/Visible Talks conference. Just a few tickets are left, get yours before they’re gone!