March 10, 2021

Partner Spotlight: SlidesLive took live-streaming to the next level for INVT21

In/Visible Talks partner SlidesLive creates solutions to support their customers in the virtual event world.

When COVID-19 shut everything down last year and we realized we were going to have to shift our In/Visible Talks 2021 conference to fully virtual, we were incredibly grateful we already had a relationship with the perfect partner to get it done.

The amazing team at SlidesLive has recorded and streamed over 20,000 presentations across the globe, for events like Factory of Imagination (Odense, Denmark), ConveyUX (Seattle, Washington), and the BRITE Conference (New York, NY). They produced all the video live-streams for us, and we are proud to be one of their success stories.

Check out their showreel to see them in action providing 3D studio, holographics features, pre-registration pages, audience interaction, and other professional conference recording services. We learned more about what makes SlidesLive so awesome when their Social Media Coordinator Laura Millar answered our questions.

How does your brand’s team collaborate with the creative community?

“When the pandemic affected in-person events, SlidesLive had to get creative and come up with ways to please our customers in the virtual event world. This involved new technology with pre-recordings, custom graphics, and custom registration pages. More recently, we’ve created a 3D studio where a green screen will bring your event to whatever location you’d like. We love finding creative solutions for the event industry!”

What was the #1 reason you chose to partner with In/Visible Talks?

“We’ve been working with In/Visible Talks since 2018, and we’ve developed a relationship with their team based on the annual events they host. Our consistent relationship has made working with In/Visible Talks a pleasure.”

Where does your team look for inspiration?

“With our clients. We are always given new ideas and ways to improve on how we operate. When a client has an idea or a question, we look to fulfill their needs and come up with a creative solution. SlidesLive is always inspired by the needs of our customers.”

In six words or less, what do you love about your team?

“Live-streaming to the next level!”

Our brand’s biggest creative win was…

“The SlidesLive team is super excited about our new 3D studio. After a year of virtual events, we think it’s time to allow our customers the ability to change the space that they conduct their events in. With this feature, event planners can get creative with their upcoming events and conferences.”

Share one creative thing your team does that is a part of your brand culture.

“SlidesLive wants to be completely up to date with the latest technology. Because of this, we’re always changing how we operate to give our customers the newest and best product.”

Describe a dream collaborator (a company or a person) for your brand.

“SlidesLive would love to work with a big corporation that has plenty of events and is open to new ideas on how to make the virtual world a better place. We would love to help a big corporation bring their events into the virtual atmosphere where they can remain for many years to come.”