December 21, 2018

Partner Spotlight: Scout Books Uses Their Creative Skills to Make the World More Equitable

Portland, Oregon–based Scout Books created the amazing program for the inaugural In/Visible Talks conference in 2018. With space for doodles, scribbles, and notes alongside the bios and agenda information, the program was beautiful and useful.

Since 2013, Scout Books has been creating “little books for big ideas” with a team of just 15 people doing everything from operations to sales and marketing. Chloë Miller, who has a background in graphic and production design, currently serves as Accounts and Partnerships Manager, and she answered our questions about how her team embraces creativity and why they are once again partnering with us.

You’ll have a chance to meet Chloë at the January 2019 In/Visible Talks conference. We can’t wait to see what they’ve created for us this year.

How does your brand’s team collaborate with the creative community?

“We love attending and supporting design events and conferences (like In/Visible Talks), especially if there’s an opportunity to team up on Scout Books for them. Recently we’ve been collaborating more with creative podcasters, like Making Ways and Drunk On Lettering. Our multitalented team also gets involved in the community outside of work. Our Digital Marketing Manager, Rowan, volunteers for a local arts nonprofit called WeMake PDX, and production superstar Dana is a talented illustrator who shows her work around Portland.”

What was the #1 reason you chose to partner with In/Visible Talks?

“In/Visible Talks is consistently wow-worthy, from the stellar organizing team to the diverse group of talented speakers to the best swag bag I’ve ever encountered. I was really impressed by the entire experience in year one, and am excited to be back for year two.”

Where does your team look for inspiration?

“Nature, color, books (obvi), and honestly the projects that come through our shop and the collaborators who design them. We see such a range of ideas and ways of conveying information, and we are always learning about new designers and illustrators through our work.”

In six words or less, what do you love about your team?

“We’re always making magic through print!”

Our brand’s biggest creative win was….

“For us, it’s the ongoing creative win of coaching people through the print process and helping them create a successful Scout Books project. Rather than sending your file straight to print, if needed, we make recommendations on file setup, help folks find the perfect ink color, and share samples and digital resources to help customers understand offset printing and our materials. Our team pairs its expertise in print and bindery with creative problem-solving to meet clients’ expectations and create beautiful and sustainably made books—a win-win.”

Share one creative thing your team does that is a part of your brand culture.

“Two years ago we formed the Equity Alliance, a group that works on a quarterly Scout Books project that supports a cause or organization that we think is helping make the world more equitable. The company funds the materials and labor, but the folks working on it volunteer their time and often take on new roles. For example, a project manager might contribute illustrations, or a press operator will manage the client communication. It allows us to grow our skill sets and think creatively, and all in support of something we believe in.”

Describe a dream collaborator (a company or a person) for your brand.

“For me, personally, I’d love to work with illustrator Wendy Macnaughton, and also the amazing team at Wildfang. I see them using their platforms to raise awareness on social justice issues and make change, which I really admire. As a certified B Corp, we love working with other B Corps and brands doing good in the world, and are thrilled to have been able to work with some of our dream collaborators like Patagonia, Center for Civic Design, Planned Parenthood, IDEO, and United Way Bay Area.”