November 26, 2018

Partner Spotlight: Read All About the Creatives at Glasgow, Scotland–Based Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club greets visitors to their website with the promise: “Print’s not dead!” They offer tools and services to help people make and print newspapers—broadsheets, tabloids, and minis for weddings, portfolios, catalogues, and more—with big name clients including Facebook, Spotify, Mail Chimp, and BBC.

For 2019 In/Visible Talks, they’ll be printing a newspaper created by the Noise 13 team for the swag bag. Ahead of the conference, we wanted to learn a little bit more about what makes this Glasgow, Scotland–based company tick, where they find inspiration, and who their dream collaborators are. Here’s your chance to read all about it.

How does your brand’s team collaborate with the creative community?

“Many of our customers work in creative industries, from design to photography to illustration. We spend a lot of time talking to them, whether it’s helping them get their artwork into print or interviewing them about a project for our blog. In the past year we’ve also partnered with several creative organisations we admire. We put on a newsprint exhibition at the OFFSET festival in Dublin, Ireland; worked with the Cooper Union on a newspaper celebrating typographer Herb Lubalin’s birthday, and helped Magnum Photos publish a free newspaper that makes their vast archive more accessible—to name a few!

“Most of us are based in Glasgow, which is an extremely creative city. We’re really lucky to know lots of local artists and designers and to have some beautiful pubs to meet them in.”

What was the #1 reason you chose to partner with In/Visible Talks?

“We think it’s a great way to learn about what’s happening behind the scenes across disciplines, and to celebrate the many different ways people are making creative careers work. Our team is too far away to attend, so being a partner seemed like the next best thing.”

Where does your team look for inspiration?

“All over! Everyone on our team is creative in different ways, whether it’s through music, cookery, illustration, and/or writing. Having a good work-life balance is vital for getting time to think and making sure we stay inspired.

“We’re also really motivated by innovations in print design. It’s very cool to see what The New York Times is doing with special projects like their kids’ section, big fold-out supplements, and the issue of the New York Times Magazine that you could listen to.”

In six words or less, what do you love about your team?

“They are smart, kind, and fun.”

Our brand’s biggest creative win was….

“It might be starting a blog back in 2010. We’ve always talked about what we do and showcased our creative customers. Seeing what others are making has really helped to inspire other people to push the boundaries and create amazing newspapers.”

Share one creative thing your team does that is a part of your brand culture.

“We hold a short all-team retrospective every Friday lunchtime and write Post-its with things that have had an impact on us that week. It’s a great way to celebrate what’s gone right and talk through anything that hasn’t worked so well. It’s also a chance to do some doodling, and we’ve got a collection of our favourite Post-it illustrations.”

Describe a dream collaborator (a company or a person) for your brand.

“We’ve been lucky to work with some of them already. One surreal highlight was printing for The New York Times. They used our mini newspapers at an exhibition about their typography.

“It’s always fun to see things we’ve printed used as props in films or TV. We’re big fans of the prop designer Annie Atkins. If she needs to make a newspaper for another Wes Anderson film, we’re here!

“We also recently learned about the company Novalia. They’re doing amazing things with interactive ink and paper. It would be great to have a playable newspaper.”