January 07, 2019

Partner Spotlight: The team at Rare Device is inspired by members of the Bay Area’s creative community—and each other

The team at Rare Device loves great design. Every item in their two shops in San Francisco has its own story and has been chosen because it’s handmade, useful, beautiful, or all of the above. To get a sense of how much they appreciate creative gifting, visit their About Us page, where team members share their favorite gifts—both given and received—including trips, fabric, artwork, a puppy, and vintage items for which the “hunt” was part of the gift.

Rare Device will be hosting the Pop-Up Shop for 2019 In/Visible Talks, and we can’t wait to see the goodies they have in store for us. Meanwhile, Owner and Buyer Giselle Gyalzen shared with us some of their thoughts on being part of the Bay Area’s creative community.

How does the Rare Device team collaborate with the creative community?

“Rare Device is a space for artists and makers to show and sell their work. It is also a space for the general public to discover them and appreciate their work. We enjoy showcasing these special people and their work every day in the store and as monthly shows in the gallery.”

What was the first reason you chose to partner with In/Visible Talks?

“We were happy to be asked by the In/Visible Talks team to be the Pop-Up Shop in this year’s conference. We value our community, and it is so important for us to keep reaching new people to be inspired by and to look up to. We believe this community provides that and more.”

Where does your creative/design team look for inspiration?

“We get so much inspiration from the artists that we work with. We keep up with their past and current work, and this sparks ideas of what other brands or makers we want to carry to complement what they’re doing. It also sparks ideas for how we want to merchandise our stores.”

In six words or less, what do you love about your team?

“We are creative, dedicated, team players.”

Our brand’s biggest creative win was….

“While we are so proud of the store and space we built, we have been especially ecstatic about the gallery program we’ve built. This gives us the space and time to provide a bigger platform for upcoming artists. We are able to showcase their work, and we are able to dive deeper with them to understand their creative processes and inspirations.”

Share one creative thing your team does that is a part of your brand culture.

“We put together a gallery show just for our employees once a year. This is such a special, collaborative time for us. It’s also a chance for those of us who don’t have regular creative practices to come out of our creative shells and make something for the public to consume.”

Describe a dream collaborator (a company or a person) to work with Rare Device.

“We’d love to work with even more artists and makers who are women of color.”