May 26, 2020

Now on Video from In/Visible Talks 2020: Melissa Miyamoto-Mills on “Cultivating Curiosity”

Motion & Brand Designer Melissa Miyamoto-Mills celebrated the gifts of curiosity and creative collaboration.

Much of the talk at the sold-out In/Visible Talks 2020 conference circled around how we might fuel our creativity to keep the work flowing in the year to come—and beyond. In her main stage talk, “Cultivating Curiosity: How Collaboration and Curiosity Fuels Creativity,” Melissa Miyamoto-Mills offered inspiring and surprisingly practical ideas.

Melissa wears many hats as a Motion & Brand Designer for Ueno. She calls herself a “Brand Experience Designer” and, for her work today, she draws upon years of studies and experience in many disciplines, including architecture, graphic design, and motion design. Her career path has been a journey, an adventure. There have been times, she shared with us, when she felt overwhelmed by all the possible routes to success.

“What does creative success look like?” she asked herself, and her answer came through two gifts: curiosity and collaboration. “Go broad, go deep, then go beyond,” she said, encouraging us to remain curious and continue to work on our own ideas and push boundaries.

At the same time, engage with curious collaborators. Throughout her education and working life, Melissa has had the good fortune of forming strong bonds with mentors and coworkers. “It’s a huge advantage to work with highly skilled people,” she said. “Everyone has something to offer,” and sometimes what we can learn from them is something as “simple” as observing and learning from their workflows and work environments.“Go broad, go deep, then go beyond,” and watch the video of Melissa’s 2020 talk below or on Vimeo here.