May 12, 2020

Now on Video from In/Visible Talks 2020: Manuela King, Sophie Maxwell + Carolien Niebling on “Keeping Our World Healthy Through Design”

With INVT Cofounder Dava Guthmiller moderating, an international panel of Earth-loving experts discussed how our design work can shape a beautiful future.

In a time of super-fast change, how can we ensure our world will continue to be fed, healthy, and beautiful? Turns out, designers have a significant impact on how we tackle the issues facing us today and into the future.

Manuela King, Principal and President of RHAA Landscape Architects and Planners, Sophie Maxwell, Global Futures Director for Pearlfisher, and Carolien Niebling, Designer and Food Futurist, joined INVT Cofounder Dava Guthmiller on the main stage at In/Visible Talks 2020 for “Keeping Our World Healthy Through Design”. Dava’s questions included “What are the trends you’re seeing in consumer behavior?”, “What are you doing to educate consumers?”, and “What are some of the challenges we face?”

Their answers came with examples from the meat, frozen foods, and fashion industries. There were references to urban planning, packaging options, and innovations in sausage making. The discussion introduced more questions and possible solutions involving biodiversity, sustainability, societal motivators, and even the 100-year-old sweatshirt. (Yes, it’s designed to outlive us.)

Before wrapping up, Dava asked, “What are you excited about?” Manuela said, “Cross-disciplinary innovation…we are all in this together.”

Feed on their optimism and get motivated to make changes happen as you watch the video of their talk below or on Vimeo here.