May 21, 2019

Non-judgment, Impermanence, and Faith: What I learned teaching design to Buddhist Monks

CCA and In/Visible Talks present a talk by Creative Director, Artist, and Educator Lara McCormick

In a time of instant digital communication and endless distractions, reminders to pause and notice are essential to fueling our creativity. Lara recently traveled to India on a one-week intensive to teach the graphic design basics to Tibetan monks through the Science for Monks initiative. What sounded like a pretty straightforward assignment, in a somewhat unusual location, turned into a lesson for us all.

In this talk Lara will share:
– More about the Science for Monks program
– The multitude of constraints that emerged as part of this unusual assignment
– The status of the project now
– And most importantly, how the teacher became the student through this cross-cultural exchange

About the program
The Science for Monks project is a direct result of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long-term personal interest in science. In 1999, the Dalai Lama provided a vision and directive for the exiled Tibetan monastic community in India to engage science, and to initiate science trainings that would eventually support new learning at the frontiers of science and Buddhism.