February 16, 2018

LIVE from In/Visible Talks: Making Ways Podcast

Teenage entrepreneur, art school student, risk-taker, CEO—Jesse Genet’s path as a creative has been circuitous, sometimes scary, and ultimately fulfilling. We heard about how she transformed her passions into business success when Rob Goodman, Creator and Host of Making Ways, interviewed her at the 2018 In/Visible Talks conference for and recorded the conversation live for the podcast.

Jesse left her hometown of Detroit, Michigan, for Los Angeles with not much of a plan. “I wanted to create a different path from the ‘drop-down menu’ of careers—dentist, accountant,” she says. She figured things out along the way, trusting her instincts, pursuing a “different mental challenge”, and redefining “achievement”. She likes to think of risk as a muscle: “You have to exercise it early and often,” she says. Today Jesse runs, Lumi, a company of 25 people that re-imagines packaging for ecommerce companies.

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