November 17, 2017

Panelists Meet at In/Visible Project’s Salon to Reveal Their Creative Processes

Did you know the In/Visible Talks conference in January 2018 is just one part of the In/Visible Project? We’ve also been hosting salons and attending other events in an effort to bring people together around the art of design. “Any creative work involves processes and thinking, inspiration and challenges,” says co-founder Dava Guthmiller. “Our talks dig into these behind-the-scenes pieces of creativity—making the invisible visible—or at least talking about it!”

On Thursday, November 9, we hosted a fabulous Salon at The Battery in San Francisco. Joining Dava in a panel discussion were artist and designer Brian Singer (aka Someguy) and architects Luke Ogrydziak and Zoë Prillinger of OPA. The conversation revolved around how each person blends art and design in their own work and how those two disciplines influence each other. Here are some highlights:

When did you first realize you needed/wanted to be in a creative field?

Brian/Someguy got hooked in the 4th grade when his project was selected and he was introduced to the feedback loop of creation and recognition. The team from OPA met in a “hotbed of insanity” and have remained curious about art in architecture ever since.

Tips for creative inspiration?

“Try to see the things that are most intimate to us, which seem invisible,” Luke suggests. “Pay attention to people who are making things and provoking us,” says Zoë. “The purpose of art in our lives is to be disruptive.”

Digital or non-digital? What’s your favorite tool?

Hands down, the panelists all love their non-digital tools: pencils, words, a needle for poking holes.

How do you deal with a creative block?

Redirect. Switch to doing something else.
Go to the beach.
Take a nap!

This Salon was presented in a collaboration between In/Visible Talks and Untitled Art, an international, curated art fair. Both will be part of a weekend of art shows and events in San Francisco in January. Come join us and get inspired!