February 29, 2020

In/Visible Talks 2020 Recap: Inspiration, Talks, and Takeaways

Be weird, be bold, and design for change were some of the rallying calls supporting the “Go Beyond” theme at the third annual In/Visible Talks conference.

At this year’s sold-out In/Visible Talks conference on January 16, 2020 designers, artists, and creative thinkers once again inspired and motivated us. We talked about our creative processes—from the perspectives of a wide range of disciplines—and challenged everyone to “Go Beyond” and use our skills to make our world a better place.

Our international lineup of speakers blew us away with their vulnerability, authenticity, and insights into what really happens behind the scenes in their work as writers, artists, designers, and innovators. They surprised us, enlightened us, and invited us to examine our pasts, imagine our futures, and explore how we can use our crafts for good.

The videos of all the talks are now up on the 2020 Wrap Up + Highlights page of the In/Visible Talks website. Here are some of the highlights:

Dancer, DJ, designer, modern-day Renaissance man Jerome Harris shared with us how he knew he was destined to be a creative. “I was doing it all along.”

“What we don’t address, we don’t alleviate,” said Indhira Rojas, who inspired us by sharing the incredibly personal drive behind the creation of Anxy Magazine.

“Cultivate attention, allow space, allow for surprises,” said Joscelin Cooper, as she and Kristen House discussed “Content Strategy: A Transformational Lens”.

“Don’t be afraid to be weird, if weird is really your thing” said LaDonna Willems in her talk on “Permission to Speak: How to Unleash the Power of Your True Voice.”

“Be bold!” John Bielenberg said, as he told us how his Think Wrong Institute is tackling some of our world’s most-pressing issues.

Antoinette Carroll urged us to take a closer look at design for equity. “We impact how people perceive themselves,” she said. “This is extremely powerful.”

In answer to moderator Dava Guthmiller’s question “What are you excited about?” Manuela King said, “Cross-disciplinary innovation.” This was demonstrated in the panel discussion she shared with Sophie Maxwell and Carolien Niebling.

In her talk on “Design, Empathy & Neurodiversity”, Jenara Nerenberg called on us to reexamine what is “normal” and do something. “I want you to be translators,” she said.

Melissa Miyamoto-Mills asks herself, “What does creative success look like?” Through her talk on “Collaborating Curiosity,” she encouraged us to “Go broad, go deep, then go beyond.”

“Extremes work,” Jennifer Morla told us. Then she backed up her claim with images of her work from her extraordinary decades-long career in design.

“What do designers have to do with climate change?” JD Beltran asked us. Answer: “Everything.”

We encourage you to revisit the videos throughout the year, whenever you need to refuel your creative energy. And we hope you’ll also continue to be part of our conversations on the creative process. For announcements and information about upcoming Salons, Workshops, and other special events, visit the In/Visible Talks website and keep an eye out for blog posts and eblasts.

As In/Visible Talks Co-Founders Dava Guthmiller and Arianna Orland said to the assembled crowd on January 16, “We have the opportunity and responsibility to use our craft to shape the world in intentional ways for this year and beyond.”

Let’s get to work!

Photos by Kait Miller