June 12, 2019

How to Navigate SF Design Week

SF Design Week is almost here! With events focused on emerging tech, diversity, designing for the senses, and more, plus opportunities to network, tap into resources, get inspired and…well, we know it can get overwhelming.

To help you get the most out of the week, long-time practicing designers and Design Week veterans (and In/Visible Talks’ co-founders) Arianna Orland and Dava Guthmiller offer some of their best tips for planning for and navigating this amazing experience. We look forward to seeing you out and about.

13th Annual San Francisco Design Week
June 20–28

Mark your calendar now.

The “week” is really more like 10 days, and if you’re like us, you want to do a lot. Your best first step is to sit down with the site, buy the tickets to the events you want to go to, and put them immediately on your calendar.

Divide and conquer.

You won’t be able to do everything. Check out what your friends are doing, and use that as an excuse to GO BEYOND by getting together when it’s all over and sharing what you’ve each learned.

Bring a notebook.

Surrounded by new ideas and new faces, your brain is going to be inspired. Use an ol’ fashion notebook (and pens, pencils) to jot down what you’re learning and to write or sketch all the great new ideas that come to you during the week.

Write down the social stuff before you go.

Look up all the names of the people and businesses involved, include the handles and hashtags, and put them in a note on your phone. This will make engaging on social media so much easier.

Bring plenty of business cards.

This year’s theme is all about CommUNITY, so network your tail off. Get out there, meet people, and make connections. And when you get back to your studio, follow up.

Take advantage of behind-the-scenes opportunities.

Here’s your chance to see the inside of companies you admire (and may even want to work for). Get to your slated events early enough to appreciate where you are and to connect with your hosts and the other people who have arrived early.

Show your support by showing up.

Planning major events like this takes a lot of hard work. Be a good attendee by showing up for the events you bought tickets for or cancelling your ticket if you can’t make it. Cancelling allows hosts to better predict turnout, and if there’s a wait list, it gives other people the chance to attend.

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