February 17, 2021

How INVT is honoring Black History Month

Aundre Larrow, Antionette Carroll, and Donna Lamar are some of the creatives we admire and hope to amplify.

Black History Month, celebrated in February in the US, was created to honor the achievements of Black Americans and increase awareness of Black identity. This year, we wanted to do our part with more intention, so we pulled together a list of Black creatives we admire and started featuring them on our social media. 

Our criteria is people who inspire us and give us hope, and we get excited each time we think of a new name to add. The first group in our series was a no-brainer, as you can imagine, because we started close to home with people from our INVT community, including:

Jerome HarrisMaurice CherryAundre LarrowEddie OparaAntionette CarrollGail AndersonRenee ReidMaurice WoodsFri ForjindamJames BadourWes O’HaireDonna Lamar

We hope you’ll read—and share—the profiles we’ll be posting throughout the month. Then, please join us in following these creatives and their work through their own platforms.

Concurrently, we’re dedicated to developing the pipeline through which young creatives will enter our industry. Inspired by Inneract Project, which empowers underrepresented youth through design education, we’ve made a donation to support their endeavors. Please take a few minutes to learn about Inneract Project’s vision and programs and consider making your own donation.