January 23, 2020

Five Questions with Sarah Simona Steiner: Co-Founder & CEO of WormUp

On January 17, In/Visible Talks 2020 hosted several add-on Workshops to keep the creative flow going. Among the options was the “Design for Good: Hackathon”, a half-day workshop in which facilitator Camille Matonis lead participants in an exploration of designing solutions for food waste.

One of the guest advisors who joined Camille is Sarah Simona Steiner. Sarah is the Co-Founder of the Swiss startup WormUp, an organization that develops practical and stylish worm composting systems for homes and communities to help with the recycling of bio-waste. Prior to WormUp, she worked in supply chain innovation management for Unilever foods. Sarah is passionate about anything food-cycle, from soils to farming to using foods as medicine and recycling organic matter as fertilizer. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and we’ll have a chance to engage with her over some of her favorite topics, such as no-waste, sufficiency, and off-grid, self-sustaining living.

Get to know Sarah through her answers to our questions below.

What is your relationship to the creative process?

“I believe we humans are made to create, to explore and find new ways of interacting, whether it’s concepts, art, team-building, or way of life. We are creative creatures.”

How or where do you find inspiration?

“Books and Nature.”

What was one of your biggest creative challenges?

“Rebuilding my garden shed.”

When did you first realize you needed to be in a creative field?

“When I was around 25 years old, I realized there is a hunger in me to not have to conform. I heard a strong inner voice calling for freedom from conventions and having the possibility to create. I did not act on this right away, although in my corporate job, I was always doing more process creation, project work, and creating new possibilities than doing anything repetitive.”

Who is one of your heroes and why?

“I love the character of Ayla, a strong, independent woman very connected to nature, in the books of Jean M. Auel. In general, I am always impressed by people walking their paths, following an inner call, creating things or intangibles in harmony with nature.”

Bonus Round: What is your favorite digital or nondigital tool?

“Cutlery. I love food!”