December 21, 2017

Five Questions with Brian Singer: Artist & Designer

When asked if he’d share a photo of his desk, Artist/Designer Brian Singer responded, “Gah. Nope. It’s a mess.” We think that’s a good thing—it means he’s busy creating. Based in San Francisco, Brian recently left his role as the Design Manager for Brand Creative at Pinterest to pursue side projects. Previously he managed design teams at Facebook and ran his own studio. His internationally recognized and provocative social projects include TWIT Spotting (Texting While in Traffic) and The 1000 Journals Project.

Brian has served on the advisory board for the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and on the national board of AIGA, the professional association for design. We can’t wait to hear more from him when he joins our panel at the In/Visible Talks conference to discuss “The Intersection of Art & Design.”

What is your relationship to the creative process?

“We’re in an open relationship.”

How or where to you find inspiration?

“It’s everywhere. I don’t have a specific method for getting inspired, rather, I tend to find it in random and unexpected places. I rarely find it sitting in my studio (unless I’m tinkering and stumble across something new), so for practical purposes, I find inspiration out in the real world and through interaction/observation of people.”

What was one of your biggest creative challenges?

“Prioritization. I know that sounds corporate, but I’m like a fire hydrant of ideas and am limited on what I can actually pursue due to time or finances. So my biggest challenge is in deciding what to spend my time on and staying focused.”

When did you first realize you needed to be in a creative field?

“I think it was 4th grade, when our school did a play on the history of the US. Our class was asked to draw program covers for the play, and mine was chosen. I think that positive feedback and recognition stayed with me, and still drives my work. (Sort of sad, really, that the starving artist is really just starving for attention.) Well, that, and it’s one of the only things I both enjoy doing and am good at.”

Who is one of your heroes and why?

“Tibor Kalman. I respect both his wit and strong conceptual execution, particularly his work on Colors magazine.”

BONUS ROUND: What is your favorite digital or nondigital tool?

“I have this x-acto type tool, I don’t even know the name, but it’s basically like an awl to poke holes in things. I use it all the time in my work, and I only have one, so I freak out when I can’t find it.”

Artist/Designer Brian Singer recently left the corporate world to pursue cool side projects. Learn about his creative process in this lively Q&A—and at January’s In/Visible Talks conference!