July 30, 2018

In/Visible Talks Salon: “Feeling Things Deeply” Salon with Artist and Author Carissa Potter

When asked how she wanted to be introduced to the crowd gathered at Chronicle Books’ headquarters on July 19, Carissa Potter passed on illustrator, artist, designer, or author. Instead she went for the collective label that incorporates all her passions and describes many of us: creative.

Labels were one of several topics Carissa discussed with host Dava Guthmiller at the “Feeling Things Deeply” salon. Dava, a Co-Founder of In/Visible Talks, presented questions designed to get insights into creative minds, to explore the things that challenge and inspire us, to stimulate conversations about the creative process, to make the invisible visible.

Carissa is a founder of the Oakland-based small printmaking workshop People I’ve Loved, and the author and illustrator of two books, I Like You, I Love You, and It’s Ok to Feel Things Deeply, which will be available August 14. With Dava, she discussed her experiences of creating her books as well as what motivates us to make and share things, the beauty of creative collaborations, gardening for inspiration, the importance of hugs, and the immortal words of Home Depot (“Let’s Do This”).

The “Feeling Things Deeply” salon was one of many events In/Visible Talks has hosted throughout the year. Check out our blog posts for reviews of other salons, interviews with creatives of all stripes, and information about upcoming events—including the conference in January—designed to bring people together for conversations about the art of design.