June 27, 2019

Drink & Draw Salon

Join us July 23rd for our very first Creative Flow: Drink and Draw hosted at the In/Visible Talks space in Potrero Hill. We’ll have drawing supplies, still life set ups to work from, drinks and snacks. All you need to bring is yourself and the willingness to let your pencil wander. We know our creative juices will be flowing after the Book Arts Fair so let’s hang out and get it down on paper.

About Creative Flow

How can we get in a creative mindset when so much of our work and life takes place on a screen? Stepping away from the computer and putting your hands on a tactile medium is a great start. At Noise 13 (our sister company) they’ve been doing what they call Creative Flows for the last couple of years. We loved the idea so much we decided to open it up to all of you.

Every other month In/Visible Talks will host a Creative Flow and you’re invited. Creative Flows always take place off-screen, are organized around a prompt and medium, and are designed to reconnect us with the tactile nature of the creative process. These quick activities can be completed within an hour and typically supplemented with refreshments. At the end of the hour, we pin up our work and discuss the ideas that sparked during the flow.

Photo by Kait Miller Photography