October 22, 2019

Creative Flow Recap: Cannabis and Creativity with In/Visible Talks and Mighty Self

Every other month, In/Visible Talks invites guests to step away from the computer and get back to our roots through hands-on creating experiences at Creative Flow events. On September 24, in the In/Visible Talks offices in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood, the flow-inspiring media included paper, pens, pencils, watercolors, and cannabis.

Upon arrival, participants were introduced to the Mighty Self team, the event’s cohosts, and sampled their FOCUS capsules. A blend of full-spectrum, whole plant extract with THC, CBD, and other nutrients, this supplement is designed to enhance focus and productivity. “We want to explore ways that cannabis can support our creative work,” says Dava Guthmiller, Co-Founder of In/Visible Talks. “Of course, this depends on what form you consume, what terpenes and cannabinoids, and how much,” she notes.

The list of ways cannabis might have an impact on the creative process is intriguing. In addition to affecting attention and focus, cannabis may improve episodic memories (so you can use past experiences for inspiration or solving a challenge), improve pattern recognition (and the ability to draw conclusions from data, visual, mathematical, and philosophical input), and increase blood flow to the brain.

Photo via Mighty Self

Paper from Neenah Paper and drawing and watercolor supplies were made available, and 45 minutes were spent in open creativity. “Zero drawing skills are required to participate,” says Dava, a standard practice at all Creative Flows. This was followed by a 30-minute challenge for everyone to “GO BEYOND”, a prompt inspired by the theme for In/Visible Talks’ upcoming conference.  

At the end, everyone shared and discussed their creative pieces. “The range of work was amazing,” says Dava. “We saw everything from ‘Google, What Does Go Beyond Mean’ to ‘Seeing the Forest Though the Trees’ to a typographic piece called ‘You Are Infinite’.”

We hope you’ll join us at the next Creative Flow.

Photography via Mighty Self

Learn more about Mighty Self here. Neenah Paper is launching a hemp folding board line later this month. For samples, please email Chris Lambert. 

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