November 05, 2019

Community Spotlight: 6 Questions with Senior Graphic Designer Laurie Caird

Laurie Caird describes herself as an “enthusiast” and a “benevolent troll”. To give you a sense of her wild range of interests, currently she is reading Showa: A History of Japan 1944–1953 by Shigeru Mizuki, practicing hand-lettering, and making giant messes in her 1920’s efficiency apartment kitchen.

A Senior Graphic Designer at Studio Five Two, Laurie’s clients and projects are also eclectic, giving her opportunities to celebrate ice cream, dance companies, true love, and students who are pursuing careers as ethical and effective global leaders.

Laurie first experienced In/Visible Talks earlier this year, and she generously agreed to give us some feedback and tell us a bit more about herself. So, here’s Laurie in the spotlight.

What is your relationship to the creative process?

“It’s complicated. Love/hate. The thrill of initial research—determining what resources are available and gathering threads of ideas—is my favorite part of the creative process. That moment when you have your creative pitch ready, and you take a moment to love it before it receives any feedback. There are many approaches, and I wind up varying them often to unblock myself and jumpstart new ideas. Creativity can be squirrely, and I dislike having to force it for necessary timelines. But don’t we all?”

How or where do you find inspiration?

“I like to go for walks and ‘look at things’. Something about walking unlocks my brain and allows me to absorb not only the things and scenes I pass, but my own thoughts and impressions. Also art galleries, previously saved inspiration Pins on Pinterest, and talking to strangers.” 

How was In/Visible Talks meaningful or impactful for you?

“I appreciated the candor and humanity that was brought by each speaker. In addition to presenting inspirational perspectives and work, no one shied away from acknowledging the internal and external chaos we often experience as creative minds.”

Who was your favorite In/Visible Talks speaker?

“Ooof. To choose just one favorite? Yael Braha and Bryony Gomez-Palacio are my work-style and design-focus spirit animals. I channel Carissa Potter and Laurie Rosenwald in my personal life.”  (Learn more about these speakers and watch videos of their 2019 talks here.) 

In what other ways are you involved with the Bay Area design & arts community?

“I’ve just started stalking Creative Mornings, and I hope to attend future talks and events. I also frequent BAMPFA, SFMOMA, Workshop Residence, Museum of Craft and Design, and Minnesota Street Project. I often consider redesigning yard sale signs.”

What is something you learned in the last year that you wish you knew when you started your career?

“Sometimes you will risk turning down work, creating an intentional dry spell, for your own sanity and to avoid burnout.”