November 19, 2019

Community Spotlight: 6 Questions with Monotype Presales Engineer Theresa dela Cruz

A font licensing expert with a background in visual communications, music, and ethnic studies, Theresa dela Cruz started her typographic career with FontShop in 2007. She was their Operations Director of the San Francisco office before it merged with Monotype. Known for supporting the typographic community and championing type designers, Theresa currently serves as Vice Chair of the Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) and helps organize the annual TypeCon conference.

Theresa remembers being intrigued when she saw the “amazing” visuals from the initial In/Visible Talks series through social channels. “Finding out Arianna Orland [of Paper Jam Press] was one of the co-founders,” she says, “cemented my decision to go.”

We love that she is now part of the In/Visible Talks community, and we look forward to seeing her in January when we “Go Beyond”. Today we shine a spotlight on her so we can learn more about her creative process and practice.

What is your relationship to the creative process?

“The creative process is always a struggle, but that’s where the excitement is. I’m at my best when I can use all these random skills I’ve collected throughout the years to bring order to chaos.”

How or where do you find inspiration?

“I get bombarded with a lot of content daily, so I make time to visit a coffee shop a few hours a week and just review notes I’ve taken down or talk with a friend about projects. It gives my mind a time to rest, lets me connect with friends and sort through chaos. I’m usually doing something other than staring at a glowing device when inspiration hits. I’m a big fan of bullet journaling as well.” 

How was In/Visible Talks meaningful or impactful for you?

“It’s the perfect conference to start off the new year. The first time I attended, I left refreshed and energized. The themes of believing in your journey, allowing yourself to play for discovery, and taking time to just be in the moment resonated with me.”   

Who was your favorite In/Visible Talks speaker?

“It’s hard to choose because all the speakers spoke in a place of honesty and enthusiasm. The most dynamic speaker and entertaining speaker was Aundre Larrow.”  (Watch the video of Aundre’s 2019 talk here.) 

In what other ways are you involved with the Bay Area design & arts community?

“There is a strong Filipino-American arts community based in San Francisco, and I spent a lot of time at a theater on 6th Street called Bindlestiff Studio when I was younger. Bindlestiff focuses on community-based performances that showcase emerging Filipino-American and Filipino artists. It’s a space that needs more attention, and I try to bring as many people as I can to a show.”

Who should we be paying attention to right now? Anyone you want to shout out or elevate?

Alphabettes.org, a showcase for work, commentary, and research on lettering, typography, and type design.” [We are totally geeking out over this.]