November 27, 2017

Case for Making’s Alexis Joseph Encourages and Celebrates the Creative Process

A random and passionate conversation with a stranger about “the state of things” led Case for Making’s founder and owner Alexis Joseph to partner with us for January’s In/Visible Talks conference. Arianna Orland, In/Visible Talks co-founder, was printing a poster for the women’s march, and a connection was made as the two women discussed “what we can do as creatives and designers,” says Alexis. Soon thereafter, Arianna reached out and explained the objectives for the conference. “I’ve always been really interested in process, especially the creative process,” Alexis says, so when Arianna invited her to take part, she replied, “Yeah! Totally in!”

“I’ve done art my entire life, I was always drawing and painting,” she says. Alexis went to architecture school for her undergraduate degree where she learned “a different way of being creative,” one that involved working in a specific process and being mindful of structure, programming, and how people will use the finished product. Continuing her exploration of process, she earned her graduate degree in graphic design and focused on “paring down from 3D to 2D.”

She opened the storefront on Judah Street in the Outer Sunset three years ago as a way to engage with the community. “Before opening, we had conversations with people about tools and encouraging them to be creative,” she says, and it fueled her desire to marry her own artistic pursuits with helping other people integrate creativity into their daily live. “It all came together in this shop,” she says. Today Case for Making offers basic supplies, tools, raw materials, and hands-on workshops.

How does she incorporate creativity into her daily life, while running a business? “Good question—I’m constantly working on that!” she says with a laugh. “I’m lucky because we make our own products.” She does all the graphic design herself, which feeds her current obsession with pigments and colors, and “it feels creative enough,” she says

Alexis will be running the pop up shop at the conference, featuring curated tools and items from Case for Making, a selection of Chronicle books, and other goodies designed to inspire you to pursue your creative passions. While you’re shopping, be sure to chat with Alexis about her passion for watercolor paint making and her goal for the new year: to open her own studio practice.

Photography by Rachelle Derouin