September 14, 2018

In/Visible Talks Co-Founder Arianna Orland Featured in 99u Article

A borrowed production space, a tight deadline, and an X-Acto knife. What could possibly go wrong?

We’ve all got one of those completely mortifying stories. The difference is Arianna Orland, co-founder of In/Visible Talks and a long-time practicing designer, decided to go public with hers.

Read her hilarious—and cautionary—tale in “Designer Confessions: The Most Embarrassing Moments Edition” by Emily Ludolph in the summer edition of 99u magazine.

Although she might have handled things a little differently if she had to relive that day, Arianna realizes she learned a bigger lesson. “Even in the face of what seemed like a disaster, I kept at it and found a way through the hardest part of the process,” she says. “It’s easy to give up on projects when they get hard because it’s too much work to stick with it. But a little bit of grit can help you overcome those difficulties. And you never know, there may be some success just around the (rounded) corner.”

Arianna Orland co-founded In/Visible Talks, founded Paper Jam Press, and runs a design consulting business.