May 11, 2018

5 Questions with Marc Fiorito: Photographer, DP, Art Director, Media Creator

Marc Fiorito started his full-service studio in 2009 after leaving a career in sales and marketing in the fashion industry, followed by an apprenticeship at an organic tomato farm. Scroll through Gamma Nine’s website today, and you’ll see how he’s brilliantly brought all of his experiences together as a “visual storyteller”. Big name clients, including Uber, Charles Krug, and the James Beard Foundation, have hired him for lifestyle, product, packaging, and event photography. See if you can look at his sumptuous food photos without your mouth watering. (We’re hungry just thinking about them!)

He’s kept busy since he shot In/Visible Talks 2018 in January. He was on his way to Italy, to shoot the Venice Food & Wine Festival, when he took time out to answer our questions.

What is your relationship to the creative process?

“I’m a photographer, DP, art director, media creator. I live it and breathe it every day. Have been for almost 10 years now.”

How or where do you find inspiration?

“For me, it’s always travel (with zero client expectations) with just a camera in my hand and usually when I’m off the grid in places like Death Valley, Black Rock Desert, or Lost Coast. I find that these outings are the best way to refill my soul, get my creative thoughts aligned, and just have fun.”

What was one of your biggest creative challenges?

“Finding the passion I first had for photography after it became my profession. Fortunately you’re never too old to learn new tricks, adopt new technologies, and deepen and evolve the understanding of your own creative process and skill set.”

When did you first realize you needed to be in a creative field?

“When I turned 30, I had an early midlife crisis. I had spent the better part of my twenties working in corporate sales, wearing oversized Banana Republic suits, driving a company Ford Taurus, and working only as hard as was required to meet my sales goals, which really wasn’t that hard. I played a lot of video games and wasted time like it was going out of style. The economy shifted hard in 2008 and disrupted the industry I was working in, so I left everything behind and became a farm apprentice on an organic tomato farm in the South Bay. That experience cleared my head. I began photographing and documenting the farming process, and I built a blog that developed a decent following. That was my first proper exposure to using my own creative skill set for marketing and storytelling. During that process, I learned a ton about myself, my newly found skill set, and I thought, hey, maybe I could actually make a living doing this. I knew I loved it, I knew others enjoyed my work, and it was quickly becoming something I was consumed and extremely passionate about.”

What’s your favorite digital or nondigital tool?

“iPhone X is the do-all tool for me and my business, from quick draw camera, to accessing my catalog of photos, to communicating with clients/friends, to processing invoices. It does it all and has become an invaluable tool.”

BONUS ROUND: What’s on your current playlist?

“Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’, Arizona’s ‘Passionfruit’, Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Feel.’, Jonathan Wilson’s ‘Desert Raven’, Peter Bjorn and John’s ‘Dominos’, Maxell Young’s ‘Wonderful’, James Bay’s ‘Let It Go’, Chris Cornell’s ‘Sunshower’.”

Check out Marc’s work at gammanine.commarcfiorito.com, and g9eventphotography.com